Osteoporosis and fragility fractures: a policy toolkit

The new Pan-European report and toolkit will help advocates make the case for policy change in Europe, providing impactful country-specific resources to support national efforts in 10 European countries.

Osteoporosis and fragility fractures have for too long been ignored in health policy. This has left millions of people – mostly older women – without access to the care and support they need to live full, independent lives.

Osteoporosis and fragility fractures: a policy toolkit is a pan-European report which summarises the current situation and key actions policymakers need to take to ensure everyone with osteoporosis and those at risk of fragility fractures have access to the care and support they need. The toolkit has been developed by a multidisciplinary group of experts including former parliamentarians, clinicians, and advocates who have come together to develop joint priorities for managing osteoporosis and for the prevention and care of fragility fractures.

In the report, IOF President Cyrus Cooper, a member of the project's Working Group and Parliamentary Forum, reminds readers of the importance of fragility fracture prevention:

Preventing any kind of fragility fracture from occurring in the first place is a huge opportunity - both in terms of maintaining people's quality of life and sparing health systems and society the costs and lost productivity these fractures cause." 

The resources provided will assist people working to advocate for policy change in osteoporosis and fragility fractures at the European level and in any of the 10 countries included in the policy toolkit (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, UK).