“Osteorus” participates in the First Regional Forum of Women of Yaroslavia

On August 15, 2019 the First Regional Forum of Women of Yaroslavia was held In Yaroslavl. It was attended by representatives of the Russian Patient Society “Osteorus“ and the Russian Association on Osteoporosis (RAOP).

The important event was organized by the Yaroslavl regional branch of the All-Russian public-state organization “Union of Women of Russia” with the support of the regional government. About 200 people took part - including numerous policymakers.

The Forum topics touched upon the significance of the activities of non-profit organizations in the process of implementing Russian national projects in the sphere of healthcare, education, demography, culture and ecology. Participants shared their best practices. The event was attended by many policymakers’ representatives at different levels, including: a member of the Council of Federation Committee on Education, Science and Culture (Nataliya Kosikhina); a deputy of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma and the Head of the Yaroslavl regional branch of “The Union of Women of Russia” (Olga Khitrova); the chairman of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma (Aleksey Konstantinov); a deputy governor of the Yaroslavl region (Yekaterina Troitskaya); the director of the NGO Resource Center for Support of NGOs and Civil Initiatives; the Chair of the Public Chamber of the Yaroslavl region; the Ombudsman  for Children's Rights in the Yaroslavl region; the deputy mayor of Yaroslavl, as well as other officials and members of the public.

Professor Olga Ershova, Chair of “Osteorus” and Vice-President of RAOP, made her contribution to the national Healthcare project in her presentation. She put the spotlight on the immense human and socioeconomic burden caused by osteoporosis and related fragility fractures. The goal of the presentation was also to attract the attention of policymakers to this serious health problem and to work together with healthcare professionals to maintain active longevity.

Professor Ershova informed the participants about the upcoming World Osteoporosis Day which is celebrated annually on October 20. It is a special occasion to educate and raise awareness of the need for early prevention of osteoporosis and its diagnosis and treatment among healthcare professionals and among the public and at-risk individuals. The chairpersons of the District Women’s committees received detailed information about the traditional children’s drawing competition devoted to WOD 2019 under the slogan: “I, You, He, She –Together We Are A Whole Country, AGAINST Osteoporosis –FOR Healthy Longevity”.

Forum participants showed great interest in the “Osteorus” booth, where they received useful  brochures  on how to prevent osteoporosis, leaflets on nutrition and exercises, and  answers to their questions about  osteoporosis and its prevention from specialists.