V International Nursing Summit focused on the role of nurses in fighting chronic diseases

The session on osteoporosis, organized by experts from the School of Prevention of Recurrent Fractures, provided valuable information regarding bone health and fracture prevention.

On May 22, 2019, the V International Summit of Nurses, with the theme "The Role of a Nurse in Resisting Chronic Diseases", was held in Omsk, Russian Federation.  Its mission was the development of nursing in Russia, increasing the prestige of the nursing profession, and expanding the boundaries of independent activities of nursing professionals. Traditionally, the summit is timed to coincide with the International Day of of Nurses. This year it was simultaneously held in 15 cities throughout Russia, with more than 4,000 nursing specialists taking part in the anniversary summit.

It was a very significant event: there were 5 000 registered participants, 233 speakers and 32 sections. During the meeting, all the regions of the summit were connected by broadcast with Moscow, St. Petersburg and a number of other cities. The teleconference was also attended by delegations from China, South Africa, Brazil, India and Spain.

One of the sessions was devoted to the problems of osteoporosis and its prevention and was organized by experts of  the "School  of prevention of recurrent fractures"(i.e. Fracture Liaison Services). The School has already existed in Omsk for two years and during this time almost two thousand patients have taken part in training sessions. Its main goal is the prevention of osteoporosis. Experts affiliated with the Russian Association of Osteoporosis (RAOP) were among the first in Omsk to begin active work in this direction. At the Summit, they shared their experience in this area, talked about problems they have to face and how these are solved.

This summit has a great impact on the nursing community in the Russian Federation. It offers training and helps to engage the nursing community, who notably play a critical role in the care of patients with chronic diseases and in the functioning of Fracture Liaison Services.