Regional Representation

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The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) works to support its Member Societies through a Regional Structure. Each region has a Chairman and a Regional Advisory Council (RAC), which has representation from the Committee of National Societies members in that region. 

Goals of the IOF Regional Programme

IOF’s Regional Programme underlines its strong regional structure based on collaboration among the member associations in three designated regions: Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEAf), and Latin America (LA).

The goals of the IOF regional programme are to:

  • Support national osteoporosis societies in order to maximize their effectiveness in raising awareness of the need for effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
  • Strengthen communication between CNS and the global organization
  • Provide the regions with guidance on building a governance and management structure
  • Create effective synergy between the IOF global office and the regions to enable economies of scale and sharing of resources
  • Assist the regions to acquire the financial, technical and human resources they need
  • Provide each region with equal and effective representation on the IOF Board of Directors
  • Facilitate the development of world class programs within each region

The ultimate aim is to support the capacity of member societies to develop programmes and policies targeted to the specific needs of each region. This assists national societies to serve people with osteoporosis more effectively and strengthens the osteoporosis movement worldwide.

Regional Advisory Councils

The five IOF regions are:

  • Asia -Pacific (APAC)
  • Middle East & Africa (MEAf)
  • North America (NA)
  • Latin America (LA)
  • Europe (EU)

Elected or interim Regional Advisory Councils are presently established only for APAC, MEAf, and LA.

Asia-Pacific & S. Africa Region 

  • Joon Kiong Lee MYS (CHAIR)
  • Manoj Chadha IND
  • Manju Chandran SGP
  • Tobias de Villiers ZAF
  • Edith Ming-Chu Lau HKG
  • Tony Setiabudhi IDN
  • Atsushi Suzuki JAP
  • Keh-Sung Tsai TWN
  • Thanut Valleenukul THA
  • Weibo Xia CHN

Ex-officio IOF Board Members

  • Manju Chandran SGP
  • Peter Ebeling AU
  • Ambrish Mithal IN
  • Toshikata Nakamura JP

Latin American Region

  • CHAIR: José Zanchetta (AR)
  • América del Sur (AR, CL, UY): Oscar Neira (CL)
  • Région Andina (BO, EC, PE): Luis Vidal Neira (PE)
  • Brasil: Rosa Maria Pereira 
  • Région Caribe (CO, VE): Adriana Medina Orjuela (CO)
  • América Central (CR, PA, DO): Sonia Cerdas Pérez (CR)
  • Mexico: Hilario Ávila Armengol 

Ex-officio IOF Board Members

  • Claudia Campusano CL  
  • Patricia Clark MX
  • Marise Lazaretti-Castro BR
  • Osvaldo Messina AR

Middle East & N. Africa Region 

  • Ahmad Al Mortagi EG
  • Farid Bedran LB
  • Nizar Abdulateef  IQ
  • Eghbal Taheri IR

Ex-officio IOF Board Members

  • Gemma Adib SY (CHAIR)
  • Basel Masri JO
  • Youssef Saleh SA
  • Leith Zakraoui TU