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The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) National Societies Map provides locations and contact details of members of the Committee of National Societies.




IOF member societies

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Office Address: Rua Itpeva 518 Ed. Scientia cj107/112, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 3253 6610
Year of foundation:
Office Address: Avenida das Américas 8445 - Sala 711, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phone: +55 21 2487 6336
Year of foundation: 1959
Office Address: SOBRAO, Rua Camargo Paes, 311 CEP, 13073-350 Campinas SP, Brazil
Year of foundation: 1995
Office Address: Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio 2466, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3289 7165
Year of foundation: 1949
Office Address: Rua Constante Ramos 44/808, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phone: +55 21 25493835
Year of foundation: 1997