Training and Education Courses

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) furthers patient care and scientific advances in the field of osteoporosis and bone, muscle and joint health by running and supporting a number of the world’s leading training courses and educational programmes. 

Osteoporosis: Essentials of Densitometry, Diagnosis and Management

An International Course by ISCD and IOF
This course is held worldwide by local organizers using ISCD-IOF Osteoporosis Essentials curriculum. With separate tracks for Clinicians and Technologists, the course provides attendees with the opportunity to attain an Attestation of Achievement.

IOF Young Investigator Mentoring Programme

A select number of young scientists (40 years of age or under) will be invited to attend a hands-on course which focuses on research, writing publications and delivering presentations. The course, led by renowned osteoporosis experts, will be organized in conjunction with the IOF Regionals Meetings.

IOF Advanced Training Course on Osteoporosis - Latin America (Curso de Capacitación Avanzada en Osteoporosis)

This annual, two-and-a-half day course held in Latin America is aimed at medical and allied health professionals as well as industry representatives who wish to gain an overall understanding of this serious disease and its management.

IOF Paediatric Bone Health Training Course (Curso Salud Ósea en Pediatría)

This course provides a concise overview of diagnostic issues, endocrine and non-endocrine causes, and osteoporosis treatment in children. The course was created to increase awareness and knowledge of physicians about the importance of educating children and families about bone health.